Mini Value Family Box

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  • Chicken

    Thigh Fillet - Skin Off × 2
    500g (4 x Thighs) × 1

    Chicken Thigh Fillet (Skin-off)

    500g (4 x Thighs)
  • Sausages

    Traditional BBQ × 3
    450g (6 Sausages) × 1

    This traditional BBQ Sausage has the perfect mix of beef  and lamb.  Ideal for the BBQ, or in your favourite sausage casserole.

    450g (6 Sausages)
  • Chicken


    Size 18 Free Range Chicken


    Temporarily unavailable

  • Beef

    Mince × 4
    500g × 1

    A beautiful tasty beef mince, nothing but Castle Estate chuck, blade or topside, minced which delivers a flavoursome, high quality ingredient for all purposes.

  • Lamb

    Cutlet × 2
    4 Cutlets × 1

    Cut from the rack, Cutlets are versatile and easy to cook, cutlets are tender and suit high temperature cooking methods such as pan-fry and grill.

    4 Cutlets
This product is currently unavailable.