40kg Beef Box

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This pack is great for the larger household or to share with family and friends.  A great selection of free range, pasture fed beef, straight from the farm.

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Topside Roast × 2


Silverside Roast (Corned) × 2


Rump Steak × 4

500g (1 x 500g Steak)

Porterhouse Steak × 4

450g (2 x 225g Steaks)

Oyster Blade Steak × 2

600g (4 x 150g Steaks)

Chuck Steak × 4


Mince × 16

A beautiful tasty beef mince.


Traditional BBQ × 8

450g (6 Sausages)

Blade Steak × 6

800g (2 x 400g Steaks)

Topside Steak × 6

600g (2 x 300g Steaks)

Blade Roast × 2


Scotch Fillet Steak × 4

500g (2 x 250g Steaks)

Silverside Roast × 2

Silverside comes from the outside of the rear leg and sits between the knuckle and the topside. Being a muscle heavily used for walking, the silverside requires the gentle moist cooking. Ideal for corning to produce a tender and delicious beef dish.

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