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Osso Bucco

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Osso Bucco is prepared from the bottom portion of the leg. From muscle that constantly moves, it contains little fat but has abundant connective tissue. Best slow cooked.


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Blade Roast

Blade roast is from the shoulder blade of the beef. It is a very flavourful cut that is versatile enough to be cooked whole as a roast, sliced into steaks and cooked on the barbecue or in a pan, thinly sliced for a stir-fry or diced for slow cooking in a braise or casserole.


Osso Bucco is prepared from the bottom portion of either the front or rear leg. As this cut comes from a muscle used constantly for movement, it contains a high amount of connective tissue. This tissue breaks down when prepared using slow moist cooking methods such as casseroling and braising imparting a rich, full bodied flavour and a delicious gelatinous texture.

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Storage Instructions

Store at or below 4 Degrees. Cryovac packaged for extended shelf life of up to 14 days.

100% Australian

Castle Estate Free Range, Pasture Fed Beef. Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Cooking Method

Slow Cooked

Cooking Guide

Ideal for slow, moist cooking like casserole or curries.  Best cooked Well (75deg)

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